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Chris Paige

Born in Lansing, MI, Chris now lives in Philadelphia, PA (Germantown) with her partner, Beth, and their two-year old foster daughter, as well as two cats and a dog.

Chris was baptized as an infant in the Christian Reformed tradition.  And as her birth family moved to Louisiana and Virginia, she was eventually confirmed in the Presbyterian tradition.

For 11 years, Chris played organized basketball -- through college at Mary Washington College (now University of Mary Washington). In 1994, Chris was named the Division III female Robbins Scholar Athlete by the East Coast Athletic Conference scholar-athlete.  Chris also graduated summa cum laude with a triple major in Math, Computer Science (honors), and Religion (honors).

Chris is currently a member of Tabernacle United Church (UCC/PCUSA), where s/he is an ordained an elder (a lay designation). Chris is also connected to First United Methodist Church of Germantown, through her partner, Beth.

Chris's family follows the Temple University Women's Basketball team, and enjoys trips to the Philadelphia Zoo.  We also visit often with our parents and siblings.

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