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Chris Paige

Chris is an organizer, educator, and writer, who is particularly concerned with race, gender, and sexuality within the context of faith communities.

Chris was on the staff of the award-winning progressive, ecumenical Christian magazine The Other Side from 1994 to 2003, including several years as publisher.  Chris has been involved in Christian organizing around issues of sexuality, gender, and racial identity for more than 10 years.

Profile in the LGBT Religious Archives Network

Sexuality: Having come out as a lesbian in 1994, Chris has been involved in LGBT Christian organizing and education for more than a decade.  With her partner, Beth Stroud, Chris spent several years (2003-2005) weathering a nationally publicized church trial and judicial process, which resulted in the loss of Beth's ordination credentials.

Gender: In 1999, Chris founded TransFaith On-line to share in one place the few resources she could find at that time regarding the experience of faith from a transgender perspective.  TransFaith was relaunched in late 2007 and now contains links to hundreds of resources on the internet.

Race: Despite being raised in a liberal-minded, white household, Chris experienced an awakening in 2000 (at an LGBT Christian event, called WOW2000), making her aware of the on-going dynamics of racism among progressives. Chris has written about that experience and continues to work to educate others.  Chris is a certified trainer in the Doing Our Own Work seminar, which is designed for anti-racist white people. Chris's experience as a foster-parent also informs her understanding of racism and systemic oppression.

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